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Traveling with children

Children traveling in France

We all have memories of children « who do not travel well », as they say politely. The bad memories I have in this category are fortunately not concernning my children who have always been good travelers.

Often, however, we must say that adults can also be as disruptive either talking loudly on their phone on the bus or an airplane or those people having a real great time on the terraces – of an hotel room, just room over it. I remember having to endure a hard worker, a workaholic real at 6 am, aboard a train during a trip between Montreal and Québec. am sure you have been wakened by some people having so much fun in a pool late at night.

But, admittedly, some parents do not seem too concerned about their child shouting or crying in an  airplane, or restaurant or or during the explanations of a guide.

Our secret recipe is quite simple: build a program that will interest them and keep the activities that interest them most for the end of the day, with an hotel room.

To ensure that restaurant meals are not too chaotic, we started, At an early age, presents to our children to simple dinners and short first and by gradually increasing the sophistication of the food and encouraged them to stay at the table. An interesting game, compact and quiet is always a valuable tool for parents or coaches.

We realized quickly, by pure self-preservation, that it was not a good idea to gorge on sweets and food energy before a long flight or a long bus ride, since they store energy that has to be burned. I assure you, nuts and fruit are irresistible when a child is hungry.

Another tip for the trip: To maintain the children interest and keep them awake, tell them the destination, try the foreign language and have stories that they can understand. Let them talk about their projects and let them ask any question that pass through their heads.

Always  plan a surprise that will look like a terrific adventure for them, do not forget they are just children. It is easy!

Certainly those things that worked well for us does not necessarily give the same results with all children. Some never become good travelers. If this is your case, be patient or do other things during your vacation.

Especially, it is useless to think that other vacationers can find greater pleasure than yours to travel with your unruly children! …


Enfants à bord, Bangkok, Asie

Children on board, Bangkok, Asia



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