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Single travelers : Activities to do in top destination


Kerala, India

It is not necessary to travel with your partner or family every time. They might not be available at the same time when you are free. So go out for a tour alone and do not worry if you are a woman. Women can definitely enjoy trips to certain places of the world. But before you pack your bags, learn about the different places where you can visit alone and what they have to offer a single women visitor:


Montana has a wide area for skiing. Their downhill skiing is excellent and the dense snow over Bridger Bowl in Bozeman is a fantastic experience for the single women. The beginners can take lessons here and the advanced and extreme skiing experts can take advantage of the 1200 acres of skiing ground. The 2000 feet of vertical drop is very exciting for the experts. Cooked-to-order breakfasts are also available here.


Rancho La Puerta in Mexico is three miles from the US border and 3 hours away from L.A. Single women guests come here to attain coking classes around the 5-acre organic farm, Tres Estrellas. Its environment being completely safe increases the enjoyment of single women travellers.


Few travel companies organize packages like Morocco Holiday, a 12-day adventure, in which single women can take part without any difficulty. Guests are taken through easy to moderate terrains. They are also taken to some of the imperial cities and souks. Another group, Country Walkers have 75 worldwide tours, 61 classic walking tours and 7 women adventure tours through places like America, Africa, Europe, South Pacific and Asia. Each day 3 to 12 miles of trips are arranged with a group of 10 to 14 members. Female tour guides are also available for conducting the tour of females.


The big country with its multitude of diversity brings a new level of enjoyment to the single tourists. Experience the relaxing Ayurvedic Spa treatment in Kerala, a southern state of India, or walk through the busiest streets of urban Mumbai. Each place will give you a different experience. You may also find rickshaw drivers and cab drivers following you in hordes everywhere and requesting you to take their services. Certain beautiful things of the country might compel you to spend months in this country.


In Peru, the Inca trail stretching from Cuzco to Machu Pichu is very exciting for single women to visit. Women hike along this trail spotting the natural beauty on the way. However, some women find it easier to sign up for Cuzco’s main square.


Vietnam is free from any threat of terrorism so, single women can choose this place for their getaways. Infrastructure of the country has also improved a lot. It has a diverse landscape ranging from wide rice fields to idyllic sea beaches. Several star hotels are raising their standards in order to serve single women coming to holiday in Vietnam. Single women might find it very boring to eat alone, so they can choose to take the food tour. Vietnam Cookery Centre offers cooking classes for half of the day. Motorbikes are also available for rent. Those who can ride them can hire one and move around the place freely.



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