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Children also love to travel!


When you plan to  travel with children, do not forget that major North American hotel chains normally have larger rooms than boutique hotels. With young children, forget about the suite, and instead ask for a room with a bathroom or a spacious wardrobe, to grow the cradle at bedtime.

2) If you can not resist the gravitational pull of Walt Disney, you will save money by visiting the dollar store. Prepare gift bags and then give them to your children before entering the amusement park vortex. So, they will no longer ask you for incredibly expensive trinkets from La Reine des neiges or La Petite sirène.

3) Better be too prepared, especially if your child is turbulent. Temporary tattoos for children – such as tattoos.org – which indicate parents’ phone numbers, provide peace of mind in the event of a mishap.

4) Rent the house or apartment of another family instead of a hotel room. You will have a functional kitchen, without having to bring toys, books or cribs.
5) Use storage cubes – zipper bags of various sizes that form suitcase drawers. I prepare a cube per child, so I do not have to empty the bag to find a specific article. Bentley has an excellent selection of luggage.

6) Dinner at the restaurant with children can be difficult, so it is best to have a nice family dinner. Children are in a better mood in the afternoon and dinner is often cheaper than supper.

7) Place paperclips of different colors on the passports of each member of the family, in order to know immediately who they belong to.

8) Easier said than done, but if you can limit the daily screen time, the iPad is the secret weapon of parents traveling. My son can only watch movies in the air and in the car – and he enjoys it every second.

9) Lint rollers can clean everything. Drag the travel format to handle sequins spills, Cheerios on the run, and more.

10) Place Band-Aids on the sockets of your hotel room, to ensure the safety of your children.

11) Whether you need a toilet (good morning cleaning), a family restaurant or a pediatrician, international SIM cards, such as trpprmobile, help you to locate what is necessary for your children, without worrying High roaming rates.


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Single travelers : Activities to do in top destination


Kerala, India

It is not necessary to travel with your partner or family every time. They might not be available at the same time when you are free. So go out for a tour alone and do not worry if you are a woman. Women can definitely enjoy trips to certain places of the world. But before you pack your bags, learn about the different places where you can visit alone and what they have to offer a single women visitor:


Montana has a wide area for skiing. Their downhill skiing is excellent and the dense snow over Bridger Bowl in Bozeman is a fantastic experience for the single women. The beginners can take lessons here and the advanced and extreme skiing experts can take advantage of the 1200 acres of skiing ground. The 2000 feet of vertical drop is very exciting for the experts. Cooked-to-order breakfasts are also available here.


Rancho La Puerta in Mexico is three miles from the US border and 3 hours away from L.A. Single women guests come here to attain coking classes around the 5-acre organic farm, Tres Estrellas. Its environment being completely safe increases the enjoyment of single women travellers.


Few travel companies organize packages like Morocco Holiday, a 12-day adventure, in which single women can take part without any difficulty. Guests are taken through easy to moderate terrains. They are also taken to some of the imperial cities and souks. Another group, Country Walkers have 75 worldwide tours, 61 classic walking tours and 7 women adventure tours through places like America, Africa, Europe, South Pacific and Asia. Each day 3 to 12 miles of trips are arranged with a group of 10 to 14 members. Female tour guides are also available for conducting the tour of females.


The big country with its multitude of diversity brings a new level of enjoyment to the single tourists. Experience the relaxing Ayurvedic Spa treatment in Kerala, a southern state of India, or walk through the busiest streets of urban Mumbai. Each place will give you a different experience. You may also find rickshaw drivers and cab drivers following you in hordes everywhere and requesting you to take their services. Certain beautiful things of the country might compel you to spend months in this country.


In Peru, the Inca trail stretching from Cuzco to Machu Pichu is very exciting for single women to visit. Women hike along this trail spotting the natural beauty on the way. However, some women find it easier to sign up for Cuzco’s main square.


Vietnam is free from any threat of terrorism so, single women can choose this place for their getaways. Infrastructure of the country has also improved a lot. It has a diverse landscape ranging from wide rice fields to idyllic sea beaches. Several star hotels are raising their standards in order to serve single women coming to holiday in Vietnam. Single women might find it very boring to eat alone, so they can choose to take the food tour. Vietnam Cookery Centre offers cooking classes for half of the day. Motorbikes are also available for rent. Those who can ride them can hire one and move around the place freely.

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La Suisse et sa gastronomie


Suisse, Europe

Alpes suisses

La Suisse est un pays incontournable à visiter. Autant à cause du ski, de ses paysages, de ses villes et de son histoire et de ses banques. La gastronomie n’est pas en reste non plus. Nombreux sont ceux qui ont visité la Suisse et qui nous ont fait  un rapport détaillé de ce qu’ils ont mangé, bu et goûter, et  en général, à moins de frais qu’en France. les commentaires sont tout aussi enthousiastes lorqu’ils nous décrivent les lieux où ils ont si bien mangé. Pas étonnant puisque la Suisse est un des pays  qui compte le plus grand nombre de restaurants. Le Gault et Millau Suisse liste 811 établissements ( hôtels et restaurants) et le Guide Michelin Suisse a quant à lui attribué à 82 restaurants ses étoiles si importantes pour les propriétaires d’établissements. Plus les gens voyagent, plus ils recherchent une cuisine régionale variée. Sinon à quoi bon voyager si  l’on retrouve la même cuisine dans chaque restaurant que ce soit en Australie, à Singapour ou à Montréal. C’est pour cela que  Suisse Tourisme a réussi à réunir de multiples informations sur le thème de la table et du vin sur Internet et dans sa nouvelle brochure « Escapades gourmandes » pour faire la promotion de ses atouts touristiques. Les livres de recettes de Betty Bossi, tout aussi  incontournables  que ceux de Martha Stewart ou Julia Child peuvent l’être au États-Unis, ou encore ceux de Paul Bocuse en France, sont  très agréables à consulter, à lire et même utiliser. Les recettes y sont nombreuses, variées et délicieuses.  Une brochure de conseils proposés par Suisse Tourisme pour découvrir la Gastronomie accompagne le livre de recette puisque « l’amour d’un pays passe par l’estomac » selon Jurg Schmid.

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Hi-Tech Tourism in Britain is Super

Big Ben, London, England

Big Ben, London, England

Whether you are a technophile or a technophobe, planning a holiday trip in today’s world involves at least some technology, and a trip to Britain is no exception. In fact, Britain’s tourism industry has gone Hi-Tech, from pre-travel planning through to the experience at the destination.

Most trip planning begins with the use of the Internet, as tourists research destination websites, consult social media sites like TripAdvisor, and book tickets through online booking systems and print tickets and vouchers from deals websites.

The micro-blogging website Twitter has taken the travel industry by storm, with some travellers undertaking TwiTrips (www.guardian.co.uk/travel/series/twitrips-twitter-trips), whereby all decisions on where to sleep or eat or which bar to visit are taken based on tweet from followers. Not all visitors to Britain will be taking TwiTrips, but a recent study has found that 62% of Twitter users travel abroad three times or more a year, and 60% use Twitter to connect with local suppliers, hoteliers or transport companies before they travel, with 28% reporting they made a reservation following an initial contact on Twitter.

Take-it-with-you technology such as free downloadable audio-guides and hi-tech handheld devices means that the hi-tech tourism revolution has personalised the travel experience in Britain. more »

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Traveling with children

Children traveling in France

We all have memories of children « who do not travel well », as they say politely. The bad memories I have in this category are fortunately not concernning my children who have always been good travelers.

Often, however, we must say that adults can also be as disruptive either talking loudly on their phone on the bus or an airplane or those people having a real great time on the terraces – of an hotel room, just room over it. I remember having to endure a hard worker, a workaholic real at 6 am, aboard a train during a trip between Montreal and Québec. am sure you have been wakened by some people having so much fun in a pool late at night.

But, admittedly, some parents do not seem too concerned about their child shouting or crying in an  airplane, or restaurant or or during the explanations of a guide.

Our secret recipe is quite simple: build a program that will interest them and keep the activities that interest them most for the end of the day, with an hotel room.

To ensure that restaurant meals are not too chaotic, we started, At an early age, presents to our children to simple dinners and short first and by gradually increasing the sophistication of the food and encouraged them to stay at the table. An interesting game, compact and quiet is always a valuable tool for parents or coaches.

We realized quickly, by pure self-preservation, that it was not a good idea to gorge on sweets and food energy before a long flight or a long bus ride, since they store energy that has to be burned. I assure you, nuts and fruit are irresistible when a child is hungry.

Another tip for the trip: To maintain the children interest and keep them awake, tell them the destination, try the foreign language and have stories that they can understand. Let them talk about their projects and let them ask any question that pass through their heads.

Always  plan a surprise that will look like a terrific adventure for them, do not forget they are just children. It is easy!

Certainly those things that worked well for us does not necessarily give the same results with all children. Some never become good travelers. If this is your case, be patient or do other things during your vacation.

Especially, it is useless to think that other vacationers can find greater pleasure than yours to travel with your unruly children! …


Enfants à bord, Bangkok, Asie

Children on board, Bangkok, Asia

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Disney World: de la magie qui s’organise!

Disney World, orlando, Floride
Disney World, Orlando, Floride

À Disney World pour bien s’amuser il faut être bien organisé.
Lors de mon récent voyage à Orlando en Floride avec mes enfants, j’ai constaté qu’il y a des avantages à séjourner sur le site de Disney, en voici quelques exemples: pas besoin de véhicule, heures prolongées dans les parcs et avec la Fastpass qui est une passe qui vous donne le droit de revenir aux manèges les plus populaires à une heure spécifique où il n’y a pas d’attente et bien sûr les plans repas, qui peuvent inclure des repas thématiques et qui au bout du compte peuvent vous sauver beaucoup d’argent. more »

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Architecture originale


L’architecture est de plus en plus sollicitée pour créer des structures qui deviendront par leurs qualités esthétiques ou leur originalité des attractions touristiques puissantes. Les musées, les hôtels et les salles de spectacle ont ainsi volé la vedette depuis quelques années sur la scène touristique mondiale.

 Pour n’en nommer que quelques-uns, pensons au musée de Bilbao en Espagne qui a transformé cette ville du pays basque au point où elle est devenue une destination touristique courue. Pensons aussi à l’Opéra de Sydney en Australie qui a fait partie de toutes les campagnes promotionnelles au point où on le reconnaît facilement. more »