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Baroque music in Valletta, Malta

La Valette, Malta

 Valetta, Malta

I was seduced by my visit to Valletta. One has to visit Malta to dive into a place, a universe where architecture can date from the prehistoric era, where the Romans lived as well as the Arabs, the French, the Knights of St. John and the British. It’s absolutely fantastic.

A major event on the international calendar, the Valletta festival brings baroque music to the fore in January, in a city where the melodious echoes of the 16th century still resonate. The masterful interpretation of renowned artists (Andrea Bocelli), the beauty and acoustics of prestigious concert venues such as the Manoel Theater, as well as the quality of the works presented, make this festival an inevitable rendez-vous for fans of the genre.

And one could not imagine a more beautiful setting to celebrate baroque music than the city of Valletta, which carries in it the quintessence of this flamboyant time. The Maltese capital as we can discover it today, built by the knight Jean Parisot of Valletta after the Great Siege of the island by the Ottomans in 1565, retains intact perfectly intact the charm and the architectural harmony of its creation.

Unesco’s World Heritage Site for its concentration of monuments from the 16th and 17th centuries, invites you to a wonderful dive in the heart of the rich and spectacular Baroque style.
You may locate in a very comfortable 5-star hotel at the gateway to the historic entrance of Valletta, you will go to meet this exciting city, while enjoying the festival thanks to these exceptional performances that will delight all music lovers. ..



La Valetta, Malta

 Valetta, Malta


Michelle Dufort.


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200th anniversary of beer gardens in Germany

Great beer, food and leafy surroundings.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Summer is here and Germany’s beer gardens are open for business! This 200-year-old Bavarian tradition has now spread to all parts of Germany. « According to the latest Quality Monitor survey of the German tourism industry, 60 per cent of international visitors come to Germany for the country’s unique flair and atmosphere, and 93 per cent come for the traditional German food and drink ».
Beer gardens have a long tradition in Germany and are an important part of the Germany experience for holidaymakers.

The roots of the beer garden tradition are to be found in Munich and the surrounding region. Around 200 years ago, breweries were only allowed to brew in the winter months for fire safety reasons. In order to keep the beer in drinkable condition until the summer, it had to be stored in cellars. These cellars were covered with gravel and fast-growing chestnut trees in order to keep them cool.

The gardens thus created were used by the master brewers to sell beer and food, much to the annoyance of local innkeepers, which resulted in the beer garden decree of 1812: anyone wishing to drink beer in the open air had to bring their own food with them – the beginnings of a tradition that is still alive today and which has become part and parcel of the laid-back and friendly way of life in Bavaria.

Beer gardens have long since spread beyond the borders of Bavaria and can now be found the length and breadth of Germany. But the biggest are still in Munich, which has in excess of 110 beer gardens. These include Hirschgarten which can seat 8,000 people, Augustiner on Arnulfstrasse which can accommodate 5,000 and Paulaner on Nockherberg with 4,000 places. Locals and visitors are also able to enjoy the unique flair and atmosphere of beer gardens in Hamburg, Dresden, Düsseldorf and many other German cities.

This year,  the breweries of Munich and Upper Bavaria are celebrating the 200th anniversary of beer gardens with oompah music, traditional Bavarian dancing and a variety of events. The Beer and Oktoberfest Museum, for example, has a special exhibition this year entitled

See http://www.germany.travel/en/towns-cities-culture/gemuetlichkeit/200jahrebiergaerten.html for further information about the anniversary.