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Broward County in Florida


It is to Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, (the name is not modest I agree and the parents had a lot of humor!) Then governor of the State of Florida, that the county of Broward owes its name. The counties of Palm Beach and Dade were split up to create this new county in 1915.

It took less than a century to make a land unsuitable for humans as a paradise for millions of people.

The task was not easy, however. Roads, ports and a railway were needed for the inhabitants to survive. There was only the sea, the sand, the sun, and the Everglades. It was almost impossible to do culture there.

Yet anthropologists have discovered human remains at Vero Beach on the east coast and at Charlotte Harbor on the west coast. These bones of Indians, hunters of big game would date more than 10 000 years. As food is lacking, there is an evolution of the type of their society. The Indians of this period, whom archaeologists call the « Archaic » eat almost everything they find, and studies have even shown that their teeth were worn out by the sand they would have had in their diet. They are the first residents of Broward County. They are nomads in search of food: crustaceans, fish, deer and bears, seaweeds and pears. They do not stay long in the same place since they are always looking for food.

This tribe which the Spaniards baptized of Tequesta was not the most hospitable. They did not like foreigners and in 1521 Ponce de Leon was killed in Charlotte Harbor and the Spanish mission established at the mouth of the Miami River was abandoned in less than two years. The Tequesta are less and less numerous in this region, they appear no more than 80 in southeastern Florida in 1763. The few remaining Indians fled to Havana when the Spaniards ceded Florida To Great Britain at the end of the war between France and the Indians.

The British again ceded the territories to the Spaniards by the Treaty of Paris after the American Revolution. Finally, Americans were offered Florida by Spain in 1821.

The Seminole Indians, forced to migrate further south, refuse this time to give up their pastures and fertile lands in northern Florida, which they have long cultivated for settlers who try to take ownership of them and do their best for them eliminate. It’s the war.

In 1838, many volunteers and the army commanded by Major William Lauderdale, established a fort at the mouth of the New River. This fort and the one that was later built on the beach bears the name. Yet the fear of the Seminoles persisted more than fifty years after the end of the wars in 1842.

Some farmers still decided to settle in the area and in 1891 there was enough to justify the establishment of a post office. The mail was distributed by a mailman who was barefoot on the beach between Hypoluxo at the end of Lake Worth and Miami.

On February 22, 1896, thanks to Mr. Flagler, who extended the railway line to New River, the first train entered the station. The railroad was there. They were missing the home buyers. With great publicity, Flagler is promoting South Florida. It was the northeastern Swedes who responded to the call and settled in Hallandale and Danes from the Midwest founded Dania. Farmers from the south are looking for better land and are also settling in Pompano and Deerfield.

Everglades drainage and canal dredging north and south of the New River have contributed greatly to the county’s prosperity, both through farming and residential development.

Although between 1920 and 1925 there was an average annual increase of 9,107, between 1950 and 1970 it was much larger, ie 26,808. The population increased from 83,933 to 620,100 inhabitants . If the first arrivals were farmers, the new ones were largely retired. This markedly changed the economy of the region.

The recession of 1974 hit Florida so strongly that there were up to 50,000 condominium apartments not sold at that time. Fortunately, all this is of the past.

The most formidable now are the real estate developers who could disfigure forever this environment that attracted those who were in search of sun and sweetness of life!

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Visit The Top 5 Most Romantic Destinations Of The World

Tour Eiffel, Paris. France

The world has no fewer places to perform romantic plays. A visit to these places when is the best recipe for romance. The ambience of these places better known as romantic destinations is ideal to rekindle the dwindling embers of old romance or sow the seeds of new romance. So, pack your bags and head for:


Maui in the Valley Isle has always been considered the most romantic destination among the Hawaiian Islands. Surrounded by sparkling waterfalls, beaming beaches and richly colored rainforest Maui offers everything to make you sway in the swing of romance.

Maui is worth visiting throughout the year. A favorable weather prevails over the island even during off-peak seasons. The best time to visit the island is from September to November when hotel rates and airfare drops.


A map of romantic destinations across the globe is incomplete without Paris. Paris has been a hive of romantic activities and a hub for lovers for decades. The ambience and attractions of Paris hold your feet tight and tout to stay back.

Visiting Paris in warm months of summer or cold months of winter is not as enjoyable as in the months of March, April, October and November. Avoid planning a summer trip to Paris in August when the crowds and the prices are at their peak. Some shops and restaurants remain closed during these months as most residents go for annual vacations.

California Wine Country

It is not fair to describe Napa and Sonoma the northern wine countries of California only. Napa and Sonoma are geographically beautiful and surely romantic. They centre round St. Helena Island that is a lovers’ spot and vineyards spreading over a wider area catch a romantic mood.

Outbursts of seasonal foliage in different colors around the vineyards add vibrancy to the romantic ambience of these two wine countries. Enjoy visiting California in the sunny and warm weather of summer months when the vines are lush with grapes.


The Caribbean islands teem with romantic couples from mid-December to mid-April. Visiting the islands in March and November when there are smaller crowds and lower prices suits your budget and dislike for dense crowds. September is the most suitable time for visiting the best Caribbean islands like Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda.

Mayan Riviera

Mayan Riviera in Mexico boasts about its balmy and bluish beaches stretching for miles after miles. Resorts with the finest accommodation and dining, line the coastline in an array. Ancient ruins draw couples to venture deep into the Yucatan Peninsula. The destination is worth hunting in October and November – the most comfortable months to be benefitted out of a skimpy budget. The place witnesses fewer crowds in September the month of hurricane than summer months.

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Galeries Lafayette Opens World’s Largest Shoe Department

The famous domed grand magasin on Boulevard Haussman, where I used to go very, very often when I was living in Paris on Boulevard Malesherbes, has just inaugurated its new 34,500 square feet shoe department, giving shoe addicts yet another reason to come to Paris. The new footwear department—the world’s largest, according to Galeries Lafayette—opened in July, and carries 150 brands of shoes, 75 of which are exclusive to the department store.

The stunning showroom, accessed via a gold and white Patrick Jouin-designed staircase, displays shoes as works of art in a sleek, lounge-like setting. Wide aisles, wengé wood, white varnished furniture, and chocolate brown leather sofas invite lingering—a good thing, considering it takes awhile to admire all 12,000 pairs.

French women are rumored to have the largest shoe appetite in Europe, and Galeries Lafayette aims to please: sandals and boots are available year-round for shoppers travelling to different climates, as well as sizes ranging from 32 to 43 (American sizes 3 to 12), plus half sizes in between. A variety of services are offered on site, from an artisan cobbler to a foot salon specializing in pedicures, as well as a foot care center offering everything you need to take care of your shoes and feet: special brushes, shoe creams in all colors, foot-care lotions and so on. 

The shoe prices, ranging from 99 Euros to 1,300 Euros, aren’t exactly cheap, but where else can you try on your Louboutins in a plush private fitting room?  Or take a lesson on how to walk in them afterward? 

It is always possible to get a tax refund at the airport as a tourist! Don’t forget to go to the the tourist service counter to have a receit and ask also for a day pass saving of about 10% on your purchases.


40 bd Haussmann, Paris (9th)
+33 (0)1 42 82 34 56

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Se déplacer en métro dans les villes du monde

Métro Montréal, Québec

Métro de Montréal, Québec

Ma curiosité pour découvrir les métros ou les transports publics dans les villes que je visite ne se dément pas. Ce sont des lieux où l’on voit la vie de proche et où l’on partage le quotidien des habitants.

Les métros des grandes capitales mondiales ont une chose en commun: ils sont presque toujours bondés de gens pressés. Ma découverte du métro de New York  ( MTA ) aux États-Unis fut certainement un choc. Un réseau très complet mais des wagons souvent décorés par des artistes populaires dont le talent est encore à démontrer. Des passagers préoccupés, qui se font toujours face, impatients, résignés et qui depuis 2001 s’inquiètent au moindre ralentissement ou lorsqu’un un arrêt se prolonge entre deux stations.

Le métro de Londres, le TUBE,  m’a semblé plus profond que celui de Rome, et celui de Paris ( RATP ) plus animé à cause des artistes qui s’y exécutent et aussi à cause de nombreuses stations qui présentent des œuvres d’art. J’ai bien aimé celui de Washington D.C. ( WATA ), moderne propre et circulant souvent à l’extérieur pour nous permettre de voir la ville. J’ai bien aimé aussi celui de Santiago au Chili, sécuritaire et efficace. more »

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À la découverte des villes vertes de l’Allemagne

Munich, Bavière, Allemagne

Munich, Bavière, Allemagne


Munich, la métropole bavaroise s’est vu attribuer en 2002, la distinction de « capitale solaire européenne », l’une de plus hautes parmi celles décernées par l’Union Européenne.

Sur les rives de l’Isar, au pied des Alpes, Munich est entourée de lacs et regorge de verdure.

Son jardin anglais compte parmi les plus grands du monde, les bicyclettes y sont reines, et la nouvelle mode est aujourd’hui au pousse-pousse. D’ailleurs la ville souhaite adopter cette année encore le système d’éco vignette qui permet aux seuls véhicules peu polluants de pénétrer dans la zone « environnementale » sous certaines conditions. Détente garantie…

Et pour s’y rendre, le TGV propose rapidité et confort tout en respectant l’environnement.

Forêt Noire, Allemagne

Forêt Noire, Allemagne

Le tourisme en Forêt Noire quant à lui est une tradition de longue date.

Ses visiteurs sont charmés par le mélange de plaines et de paysages de montagnes qui confère à cette région un charme unique.

En 2002, elle est la première ville d’Allemagne à élire un maire écologiste. Depuis, il a tenu ses promesses et l’a transformée en unvéritable paradis vert.

Plus de 400 rames de tramways, des milliers de vélos, des panneaux solaires photovoltaïques et thermiques, les eaux de pluie récupérées et réutilisées… séjourner à Fribourg, c’est découvrir un univers unique en son genre.

Seulement 3 heures de TGV entre Paris et Karlshruhe, puis simple transfert en navette.













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La valise

Valise oubliée
Valise oubliée

Préparer des valises est toujours un exercice qui demande de s’y adonner avec application. Je n’utilise pas de listes pour m’assurer que je n’oublie rien car j’ai suffisamment voyagé pour savoir ce dont j’ai besoin et pour surtout savoir qu’il faut en apporter toujours moins que ce que l’on pense.

Ma femme fait sa valise plutôt à la dernière minute et ça fonctionne bien pour elle et elle a voyagé autant que moi.

Lors d’un voyage de trois semaines en Italie, alors que nous vivions à Paris, elle avait cette fois préparé sa valise à l’avance parce qu’elle ne voulait manquer de rien et être à la hauteur de l’élégance italienne.

Après le long trajet en automobile qui nous avait conduit à la frontière de l’Italie, nous avions hâte de nous reposer à l’hôtel. Je sors donc les bagages des enfants du coffre de la voiture, et demande à ma femme si elle a déjà sorti la sienne. Panique, recherche effrénée. Résultat: pas de valise. Elle était restée sur le lit à Paris dans la confusion du départ!

Heureusement, il ne restait plus que 20 jours aux vacances et elle avait au moins une robe sur le dos!

Heureusement surtout, elle portait des vêtements de la même taille que ceux notre fille. Elle a cependant dû se résigner à faire un peu de magasinage.

Pendant tout le voyage, je ne me suis jamais plaint qu’elle n’avait pas de robe de nuit non plus, un T-shirt peut très bien faire l’affaire.

Lors de votre prochain voyage, n’oubliez rien quand vous faites votre valise mais surtout, n’oubliez pas votre valise!


Côte Amalfitaine, Italie

Côte Amalfitaine, Italie