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Children also love to travel!


When you plan to  travel with children, do not forget that major North American hotel chains normally have larger rooms than boutique hotels. With young children, forget about the suite, and instead ask for a room with a bathroom or a spacious wardrobe, to grow the cradle at bedtime.

2) If you can not resist the gravitational pull of Walt Disney, you will save money by visiting the dollar store. Prepare gift bags and then give them to your children before entering the amusement park vortex. So, they will no longer ask you for incredibly expensive trinkets from La Reine des neiges or La Petite sirène.

3) Better be too prepared, especially if your child is turbulent. Temporary tattoos for children – such as tattoos.org – which indicate parents’ phone numbers, provide peace of mind in the event of a mishap.

4) Rent the house or apartment of another family instead of a hotel room. You will have a functional kitchen, without having to bring toys, books or cribs.
5) Use storage cubes – zipper bags of various sizes that form suitcase drawers. I prepare a cube per child, so I do not have to empty the bag to find a specific article. Bentley has an excellent selection of luggage.

6) Dinner at the restaurant with children can be difficult, so it is best to have a nice family dinner. Children are in a better mood in the afternoon and dinner is often cheaper than supper.

7) Place paperclips of different colors on the passports of each member of the family, in order to know immediately who they belong to.

8) Easier said than done, but if you can limit the daily screen time, the iPad is the secret weapon of parents traveling. My son can only watch movies in the air and in the car – and he enjoys it every second.

9) Lint rollers can clean everything. Drag the travel format to handle sequins spills, Cheerios on the run, and more.

10) Place Band-Aids on the sockets of your hotel room, to ensure the safety of your children.

11) Whether you need a toilet (good morning cleaning), a family restaurant or a pediatrician, international SIM cards, such as trpprmobile, help you to locate what is necessary for your children, without worrying High roaming rates.