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Europe’s most modern train in Italy

New Italian Train
Born to run

Designed to challenge the laws of aerodynamics. Meant to travel at up to
360 km/h. The new Agv train built by Alstom for NTV represents today’s
cutting edge in terms of high-speed technology, providing maximum
performance in terms of safety, ecology and comfort. In addition, Italo
uses the same system of locomotion as the train that beat the world
speed record on 3 April 2007 at approximately 575 km an hour.
More comfort, more light, more silence

Two highly advanced technological innovations are what make the heart
of the Agv project beat: the highly articulated architecture and the
distributed traction, which, thanks to the positioning of the engines on
the undercarriage, makes the best possible use of the train’s power. The
distribution of the engine system throughout the entire train, rather than
in locomotives at the front and the end, have made it possible to
eliminate the locomotives and free up valuable space for passengers.
The combination of the two innovations eliminates much of the onboard
vibration and noise, optimizing aerodynamics, guaranteeing more
effective safety and reducing maintenance costs by 15%. Thanks to the
innovative materials used, along with the modern traction systems and
the above technical solutions, the overall mass of Italo is lighter than that
of comparable

More light, more space, more silence
The objective of the Alstom designers was to build a comfortable,
well-lit, relaxing railway car custom-tailored to the traveller.
there are large windows the interior is climate-controlled uniformly, vibrations and noise were significantly reduced, both inside and outside the train.
Seats with a Frau touch
Soft, reclining, ergonomic and upholstered in fine Frau leather: the
seats created for the different areas of Italo offer the utmost in
Everything has been designed and studied to make the trip as
pleasant as possible: the extra wide chassis of the train provides for
more space between the amply cushioned backs and armrests of the
seats, meaning more room for movement. The decision to have the
major of the seats facing straight ahead (only those in the centre are
set facing each other) increases privacy and ensures increased
legroom, seeing that no one is sitting across from the passenger. All
the seats have individual power outlets, adjustable armrests and
reclining backs, and they can also be moved backward ad forward, to
allow the passenger to stretch out.

The stations served are Venezia S. Lucia, Venezia Mestre, Torino Porta Susa, Milano Porta Garibaldi, Milano Rogoredo, Bologna Centrale, Firenze SMN, Roma Ostiense, Roma Tiburtina, Napoli Centrale, and Salerno Centrale. Torino Porta Susa and Milano Porta Garibaldi are connection stations for the TGV to Paris. Tickets are for sale at www.italotreno.it.
The trains offer Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity throughout.

So enjoy your trip!

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The best gelato in Rome, Italy

Gelato flavors, Palazzo del Freddo, Rome

Palazzo del Freddo, Rome

When I was in Rome recently, I tasted the best, the tastiest, the greatest gelato ever in Italy and for those who are eager to taste it I recommend to go to Palazzo del Freddo in Roma , which is not so far from the train station or the Coliseum.

The choice is large, the portions are astonishing and the prices beat the competition.

I tasted several gelato during the  month I spent in Italy in several cities like Parma, Verona, Florence, Napoli, Bologna, and so on before crossing the ocean to get to Miami, Florida on the Journey, (an Azamara Cruise ship)

I tasted a lot also on very upscale cruise ships like the Amsterdam, the Sapphire of the seas… They were also very good, to say the least but nothing to compare with the ones of the Palazzo del Freddo in Roma on the Via Principe Eugenio.

The people there like to serve their huge portions of gelato at a very reasonable price. They like to see our reaction when they garnish them with natural whipped cream.

Do not miss the opportunity to go to this parlor. You will want to go back like the real Romans do. The place was crowded with people who seemed to have a great time when I was there.


Palazzo del Freddo in Roma,

Via Principe Eugenio,65

00185 Roma

Tel: 39-06-44-64-740

I must say that in Montréal and Québec city some places specialize in real home made which are excellent.