28 Nov 2016, 5:12
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Santorini : Mythic Island

Fira, Île de Santorin

One must never stop dreaming. I wanted to see the island of Santorini. I often went offshore but this time I finally saw those blue domes that amaze and I could set foot there.

Domes that make us realize that we are very far from our starting point.

Yet besides these donkeys that lead us up to Fira to see enchanting sunsets to the romantic aspect, there is an archaeological site that is worth visiting not far away and it is Akrotiri.

Some 9 kilometers south of Fira, along a winding road, is far from imagining that there is an ancient city to visit, a city dating from the 17th century BC according to experts.

There was nothing to suggest that at this place under tons of ashes and pumice stones there existed at one time, far away, a village of nearly 9,000 minoans. Many have believed in the civilization of Atlantis.

This city was buried by a volcanic eruption similar to that which buries the cities of Heculanum and Pompeii. Thus it has been preserved for more than 3500 years. The excellent state of conservation of the buildings and their magnificent frescoes provides an insight into the social, economic and cultural history of the Bronze Age in the Aegean Sea. Before the earthquake, the streets were paved with large stone slabs, beneath which flowed sewers with constant slope throughout the city. Where the streets were heightened after the earthquake, the slabs and the sewer were covered, and a new area was rebuilt with paving stones. Differences in ground level were reached by ramps or stairs, and forestay walls consolidated houses, squares and streets of different levels. These walls and pottery were updated during the works for the Suez Canal when a pressing need demanded pumice stones for its execution. Nothing predicted such a discovery.

How to forget Santorini, its blue waters, its sun, its inhabitants, its ruins and its baklava.



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