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See Venice and die, but not yet

Venice, Italy

Italy has everything to seduce and Venice remains an exceptional place capable of giving you a real thunderbolt that will last all your life.

My first contact was in the early morning at the arrival of a train coming from Paris. Leaving the station, I was literally overwhelmed by the view of the canals, the old buildings and especially the silence of a city without a car.

The last was on the Queen Victoria, a magnificent cruise ship from Cunard from where on the upper deck I could admire the rooftops of the city. A different perspective but how exhilarating.

A classic stop is St Mark’s Square with its imposing cathedral, its overpriced terraces and its opening onto the lagoon with turquoise waters when the weather is nice. The Palace of the Doges, who ruled the town, and the famous Bridge of Sighs, under which hundreds of gondolas filled with lovers every day pass, who do not know that the sighs which gave their name to the Bridge were not those but rather those of those condemned to death who were going to enforce their condemnation.

From the docks of the lagoon you can see the gondolas, taxi boats, bus boats, rubbish boats and a wide variety of other colored boats. The large steamships that leave the Grand Canal to reach the open sea by sailing between the islands are a striking spectacle. Throughout the canals, you can see these columns painted in twists with very visible colors that serve to moor the boats or to identify a boat-bus stop.

A frequent destination is the island of Murano with its glass craftsmen who offer products for all tastes and all prices.

The true charm of Venice lies for me in the secondary canals and small places less frequented by tourists where you will find old churches to visit and restaurants filled with residents. Everywhere bridges, sometimes very narrow canals and everywhere this silence with, as the only background noise, the occasional passage of a small boat propelled by very quiet engines and the sound of waves lapping on the houses.

Who says Italy, says good food and good wines. Venice has everything you need to satisfy. Not to mention the gelato cone which is a delight at any time of the day. And of course, Venice has beautiful museums, theaters, festivals, a carnival and beautiful things in the windows of the commercial streets.

At sunset, you will see the buildings become orange and when night comes, the water will become a mirror for the lights.

If you resist, you are not like me.

You have to see Venice and take time to live at its own pace!



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In Brazil, the Redeemer Christ of Rio de Janeiro


Christ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Christ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

How to resist the visit to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, on Mount Corcovado, of the gigantic statue of Christ the Redeemer in honor of the Princess of Isabella regent of Brazil at a time when the country was under Portuguese rule.

Of course one should not suffer from vertigo to reach this Christ. But the expedition is worth the cost and the displacement because the sight that is offered to our eyes is quite remarkable, fantastic.

This tourist site is the most characteristic and probably the most visited site of the country. This art-deco style sculpture was completed in 1931, it is made of reinforced concrete, and is the largest in the world. High in its 30 meters, it extends its arms over a length of more than 28 meters and is visible from all over the city.

The work is that of the engineer Heitor da Silva Costa, with the French sculptor Paul Landowski as well as the Brazilian artist Carlos Oswald, a colossal achievement.


Mount Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mount Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Michelle Dufort







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Geocaching for new tourists

The word Geocaching was written and said for the first time in 2000.

The word was created by combining GEO for geography and CACHING for the process of storing or hiding materials.




Geocaching is a game that reveals a world beyond the everyday, where the possibility of a newdiscovery hides under park benches, in the forest, and probably a short walk from where you are
right now. The adventure begins by searching for cleverly hidden containers called geocaches.
There are more than two million geocaches waiting to be found throughout the world, in more than
180 countries. It’s easy for anyone from families to business travelers to top­tier athletes to begin
the journey by downloading the Geocaching app or visiting Geocaching.com.

● See the infographic celebrating 2 Million Active Geocaches with country­specific data.
● Learn about the History of Geocaching.



The basics
1. A geocacher hides a geocache, lists it on Geocaching.com and challenges others to find
it using our Geocaching app or a GPS device.
2. At minimum, geocaches contain a logbook for finders to sign. After signing, finders log
their experience on Geocaching.com or with the Geocaching app and earn a reward in the
form of a digital smiley.
3. Some geocaches contain small trinkets for trade. If a geocacher takes something from the
geocache, they replace it with something of equal or greater value.
4. Geocaches are put back where they were found for the next geocacher.

Who are geocachers?
More than 6 million people call themselves geocachers. There are geocachers living in nearly
every country on Earth. Geocachers are families with children, grandparents, tech­geeks,
photographers, hikers—anyone can be a geocacher. Geocaching offers a broad appeal, in large
difficulty and terrain ratings (Difficulty 1/Terrain 1 – the easiest and Difficulty 5/Terrain 5 – the
most difficult) to help geocachers choose an adventure that is right for them.
What should not be placed in a geocache?
Food, sharp objects, ammunition, illicit or illegal items and alcohol should never be placed in a
geocache. Everyone should respect the local laws. Geocaching offers advice to geocache hiders
from law enforcement around the world and complimentary Geocaching Premium memberships
to law enforcement agencies.

Where are geocaches found?
Geocaches can be in the forest, parks, urban locations—nearly anywhere you can think of. It is
common for geocaches to be placed in story­worthy locations. Most people in North America an
Europe live within a short walk of at least one geocache.
How do you hide a geocache?
A geocacher chooses a waterproof container and a location to hide it. Once a geocacher has
accurate coordinates for their chosen location, they submit it for publication on Geocaching.com.
Geocaching provides a set of guidelines for geocache placement. The guidelines include
important rules that keep geocaching fun (and legal) for everyone involved. If a geocache clearly
violates one of these rules, community members who review new geocaches may ask the hider
to fix the issue.

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The best gelato in Rome, Italy

Gelato flavors, Palazzo del Freddo, Rome

Palazzo del Freddo, Rome

When I was in Rome recently, I tasted the best, the tastiest, the greatest gelato ever in Italy and for those who are eager to taste it I recommend to go to Palazzo del Freddo in Roma , which is not so far from the train station or the Coliseum.

The choice is large, the portions are astonishing and the prices beat the competition.

I tasted several gelato during the  month I spent in Italy in several cities like Parma, Verona, Florence, Napoli, Bologna, and so on before crossing the ocean to get to Miami, Florida on the Journey, (an Azamara Cruise ship)

I tasted a lot also on very upscale cruise ships like the Amsterdam, the Sapphire of the seas… They were also very good, to say the least but nothing to compare with the ones of the Palazzo del Freddo in Roma on the Via Principe Eugenio.

The people there like to serve their huge portions of gelato at a very reasonable price. They like to see our reaction when they garnish them with natural whipped cream.

Do not miss the opportunity to go to this parlor. You will want to go back like the real Romans do. The place was crowded with people who seemed to have a great time when I was there.


Palazzo del Freddo in Roma,

Via Principe Eugenio,65

00185 Roma

Tel: 39-06-44-64-740

I must say that in Montréal and Québec city some places specialize in real home made which are excellent.