11 Mai 2012, 2:01

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Children will love visit the Deep at the Natural History Museum’s in London which takes visitors 11,000 metres down

Black sea devil (Melanocetus johnsonii)

Black sea devil (Melanocetus johnsonii)

A new exibition for the children and their parents who travel in London this summer.

The Deep plunges  into the abyss, revealing a deep sea environment less explored than the surface of the moon. With bizarre creatures that have adapted to their harsh world in wonderful ways, visitors to the exhibition will discover theextraordinary yet fragile biodiversity that exists in the deep oceans and learn how Museum scientists are helping to preserve this important ecosystem.

When visitors enter The Deep they descend into the inky depths and embark on an immersive voyage where strange animals are
suspended, jewel like, in the darkened gallery and deep sea giants loom out of the gloom. Combining astonishing imagery, real specimens on display to Museum visitors for the first time and life-size interactive installations, a highlight of the exhibition is a life-size recreation of a whale fall.

Alex Gaffikin, exhibition developer at the Natural History Museum, explains ‘At the centre of the exhibition is a real sperm whale skeleton, which has never been on display before. It tells the fascinating story of the weird and wonderful creatures that can live on a whale carcass for up to 50 years.’

Crushing pressure, icy cold, pitch black – The deep sea is the planet’s final frontier. It is the biggest and yet least explore environment on Earth. Remote, pitch black, with freezing cold temperatures and pressure up to 1,000 times greater than on land, find out about this harsh and alien habitat, which scientists believe could be as rich in biodiversity as rainforests or coral reefs.

Deep sea exploration – The Natural History Museum has a long history of deep sea research, starting with the HMS Challenger expedition in the 1870s and continuing to the present day with the effect of climate change on the deep sea in Antarctica. See some of the 130-year-old specimens collected on Challenger and climb aboard a life-size submersible to experience how modern Museum scientists explore the depths.

Myths and monsters – For centuries sailors have tried to explain the mysteries of the deep with stories of mermaids, sea devils and giant octopuses. Some, like Scandinavian legends of the Kraken, probably come from misidentification, but our fascination continues today in films and computer games.

Whale fall community – The centre piece of the exhibition is a recreation of a whale fall community using a sperm skeleton and stunning projections and footage of deep sea creatures that live on whale carcasses. Be transported to the ocean floor and

discover how a carcass can become a rich ecosystem.

Adapting to the deep – If you lived down here, you’d look weird, too. Bioluminescence, gaping mouths, stretchy stomachs and

seeming invisibility are just some of the adaptations that help deep sea creatures survive. With more than 50 real deep sea creatures preserved and on display, delicate glass Blaschka models and an imagined battle of a giant squid and sperm whale, this

is the closest most of us will get to exploring the deep.



10 Mai 2012, 11:00

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The best gelato in Rome, Italy

Gelato flavors, Palazzo del Freddo, Rome

Palazzo del Freddo, Rome

When I was in Rome recently, I tasted the best, the tastiest, the greatest gelato ever in Italy and for those who are eager to taste it I recommend to go to Palazzo del Freddo in Roma , which is not so far from the train station or the Coliseum.

The choice is large, the portions are astonishing and the prices beat the competition.

I tasted several gelato during the  month I spent in Italy in several cities like Parma, Verona, Florence, Napoli, Bologna, and so on before crossing the ocean to get to Miami, Florida on the Journey, (an Azamara Cruise ship)

I tasted a lot also on very upscale cruise ships like the Amsterdam, the Sapphire of the seas… They were also very good, to say the least but nothing to compare with the ones of the Palazzo del Freddo in Roma on the Via Principe Eugenio.

The people there like to serve their huge portions of gelato at a very reasonable price. They like to see our reaction when they garnish them with natural whipped cream.

Do not miss the opportunity to go to this parlor. You will want to go back like the real Romans do. The place was crowded with people who seemed to have a great time when I was there.


Palazzo del Freddo in Roma,

Via Principe Eugenio,65

00185 Roma

Tel: 39-06-44-64-740

I must say that in Montréal and Québec city some places specialize in real home made which are excellent.

1 Juin 2011, 5:26
Aide mémoire/Check-list

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Good checklist for travelers


  • Gather together all the papers (except photocopies!)
  • Valid passport
  • Visa (s) required by the country (ies) visited (s)
  • Letter of authorization to travel with children and grandchildren (if coaches are not parents)
  • Vaccination certificate if required by countries visited
  • Card insurance
  • Certificate or proof of health insurance
  • Driver’s License (for admissions in the United States by the road if you do not have a passport)
  • International Driving Permit or regular if you rent a car
  • Diver permit or other license to practice an activity
  • Photocopies of documents in case of  loss or theft
  • Tickets (train, plane, ferry, etc..)
  • Cruise Tickets
  • Show tickets or other entertainment
  • Credit card (the same as that used for reservations by phone or internet is often required to remove the tickets as is the case for trains in France)
  • Copy of confirmation of reservations for car
  • Copy of confirmation of booking a hotel or other accommodation
  • Address of the rented apartment or rental agency for housing
  • Access codes or keys to the rented apartment
  • Details of people to meet while traveling
  • Local currency, Info on the rate of exchange prevailing
  • Guide books, itineraries, addresses, restaurants, museums …
  • Access detailed plans for certain destinations
  • Maps
  • Pocket Dictionary (for the language of the country visited)
  • Directions and contact information to allow those who remain
  • Health

    • Prescription drugs in sufficient quantity (keep in hand baggage)
    • Copy of order in case …
    • Contact lenses solution
    • Eye drops, ear
    • Reading glasses, cane, wheelchair, etc..
    • Drugs for migraine, headache, sore heart, digestion, etc..
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen
    • Body Care: toothbrush, toothpaste, anti sudorific
    • Makeup
    • Condoms and other related products

    Clothing and other

    • Bag for dirty clothes
    • Hats, caps to protect themselves from sun or rain
    • Comfortable shoes
    • Underwear, socks
    • Range: swimsuit, towel
    • Mountains: hiking shoes, warm clothes, water bottles, etc..
    • Wet Wipes
    • Umbrella or rainwear
    • Cameras: film, memory cards, extra batteries, cables to recharge
    • Power Adapter
    • Playing cards, iPod, Nintendo, headphones
    • Swiss Army Knife equipped with corkscrew, knife, screwdrivers, etc.. (Not in hand luggage)
    • Hair dryer, shower cap
    • Iron (for mania)
    • Package for International Cell Phone

    For children

    • Favorite blanket or stuffed animal
    • Stroller or car seat
    • Games, books to occupy


    • 2e keyring if car
    • Complete equipment for sports practice (airtight bag for scuba, sailing, etc..)