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The best gelato in Rome, Italy

Gelato flavors, Palazzo del Freddo, Rome

Palazzo del Freddo, Rome

When I was in Rome recently, I tasted the best, the tastiest, the greatest gelato ever in Italy and for those who are eager to taste it I recommend to go to Palazzo del Freddo in Roma , which is not so far from the train station or the Coliseum.

The choice is large, the portions are astonishing and the prices beat the competition.

I tasted several gelato during the  month I spent in Italy in several cities like Parma, Verona, Florence, Napoli, Bologna, and so on before crossing the ocean to get to Miami, Florida on the Journey, (an Azamara Cruise ship)

I tasted a lot also on very upscale cruise ships like the Amsterdam, the Sapphire of the seas… They were also very good, to say the least but nothing to compare with the ones of the Palazzo del Freddo in Roma on the Via Principe Eugenio.

The people there like to serve their huge portions of gelato at a very reasonable price. They like to see our reaction when they garnish them with natural whipped cream.

Do not miss the opportunity to go to this parlor. You will want to go back like the real Romans do. The place was crowded with people who seemed to have a great time when I was there.


Palazzo del Freddo in Roma,

Via Principe Eugenio,65

00185 Roma

Tel: 39-06-44-64-740

I must say that in Montréal and Québec city some places specialize in real home made which are excellent.

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Wild Yellowstone: Adventure and Luxury on Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone, USA

Escaping to Yellowstone National Park just doesn’t feel like an escape when you realize thousands of other people are converging there as well. But there sure is an alternative to the hotels and an escape from the traffic. This alternative, created by Far and Away Adventures begins with a half-hour cabin cruiser ride across Yellowstone Lake (the nation’s largest lake at over 7,500 feet above sea level) to a secluded dock. From there, a short sea kayak or canoe paddle transports you to a private camp hidden among one of the one hundred and ten miles of pristine shorelines that comprise the massive lake. Perfect for the family who wants to truly “unplug” and enjoy Yellowstone (minus the masses), this trip offers plenty of relaxation and adventure.

This 24-hour trip also includes a chance to experience the legendary wilderness, world-renowned wildlife, luxury « safari style » camping, and professional wilderness guides.  This is a unique opportunity to take a step back to quieter times, while not venturing too far off the beaten path.  Far and Away guests arrive to a beautiful and secluded camp that is expertly prepared with all the comforts of home, plus some extras. Your chalet tent is set up for you, the bar table is arranged with freshly prepared appetizers, and each gourmet meal is served with a special flare that you’ve never seen before in the wilderness. Far and Away will also make certain to create a special children’s menu so that everyone is happy at the dining table.

The encampments rival the setting of a Hemingway story. Tents exceeding 100 square feet in size provide guests with their own private retreat. The floors are covered with rugs, with elevated beds, comfy bedding, and sumptuous full-size pillows create the perfect setting for sweet dreams. Outside our guests’ private camp, lanterns romantically light the night, and steamed hand towels are delivered tentside upon awakening.

Far and Away has been sharing the excitement of paddling with adventuresome guests since 1980. Its Wild Yellowstone, experience runs with daily noon hour departures offered throughout the summer. Adults: $375, Children: $325. For more details contact Far and Away Adventures; toll free 800-232-8588



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Traveling with children

Children traveling in France

We all have memories of children « who do not travel well », as they say politely. The bad memories I have in this category are fortunately not concernning my children who have always been good travelers.

Often, however, we must say that adults can also be as disruptive either talking loudly on their phone on the bus or an airplane or those people having a real great time on the terraces – of an hotel room, just room over it. I remember having to endure a hard worker, a workaholic real at 6 am, aboard a train during a trip between Montreal and Québec. am sure you have been wakened by some people having so much fun in a pool late at night.

But, admittedly, some parents do not seem too concerned about their child shouting or crying in an  airplane, or restaurant or or during the explanations of a guide.

Our secret recipe is quite simple: build a program that will interest them and keep the activities that interest them most for the end of the day, with an hotel room.

To ensure that restaurant meals are not too chaotic, we started, At an early age, presents to our children to simple dinners and short first and by gradually increasing the sophistication of the food and encouraged them to stay at the table. An interesting game, compact and quiet is always a valuable tool for parents or coaches.

We realized quickly, by pure self-preservation, that it was not a good idea to gorge on sweets and food energy before a long flight or a long bus ride, since they store energy that has to be burned. I assure you, nuts and fruit are irresistible when a child is hungry.

Another tip for the trip: To maintain the children interest and keep them awake, tell them the destination, try the foreign language and have stories that they can understand. Let them talk about their projects and let them ask any question that pass through their heads.

Always  plan a surprise that will look like a terrific adventure for them, do not forget they are just children. It is easy!

Certainly those things that worked well for us does not necessarily give the same results with all children. Some never become good travelers. If this is your case, be patient or do other things during your vacation.

Especially, it is useless to think that other vacationers can find greater pleasure than yours to travel with your unruly children! …


Enfants à bord, Bangkok, Asie

Children on board, Bangkok, Asia